K Type Wire rope Swaging Machine

K Type Wire rope Swaging Machine

Wire Rope Swaging Machines

K Type Wire rope Swaging Machine

●  Adopting the super-high pressure combination technology, the whole machine is light in weight.
●  With open body structure, it’s easy to finish the process of pressing rigging.
●  The failure rate is low because it contains PLC automatic control system which helps pressing at one move, the system can be customized according to customer's requirements.
 ●  More than 2000 times of ultra-high pressure self-inspections before sold in order to ensure the wire rope swaging machine is in good quality.
●  The electrical system has built-in aluminum ferrule pressing force parameter list, the touch screen operation make the whole pressing process simple and convenient.
●  The cylinder is monolithic structural steel castings, with high intensity, and long-term working temperature could up to 500 ℃.
●  The die holder is processed as a whole and separated into upper and lower die by wire cutting. The force is uniformed in this design to prevent the biased load.
●  The die is made from H 13 tool steel which has a better function than usual materials.
●  After-safe service: Technical details and support for our machines are available for the machine lifetime.

K Type Wire Rope Swaging Machine

Machine Model





1500 kN

3500 kN

6000 kN

Pressure Range

6-16 mm

6-28 mm

6-36 mm

Max. Swage

18 mm

34 mm

42 mm


380V/50HZ (could be customized)

Power of Motor

3 kW

4 kW

7.5 kW

The Pressure of System

63/10 MPa

Piston Working Stroke

50 mm

100 mm

130 mm

Upstroke Velocity

12 mm/s

10 mm/s

8 mm/s

Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)

0.9 m*0.6 m*1.5 m

1.6 m*0.64 m*1.82 m

1.7 m*0.7 m*1.9 m


560 kg

2900 kg

3800 kg