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BY Alextrusion, Mar 15, 2022, 9:09 AM

Energy saving and environmental protection have become the main theme of today's world, and high energy costs and recycling of materials have become the main problems that automobile manufacturers are facing. At this time, aluminum alloy has gradually become the darling of automobile manufacturers with its superior specific strength, excellent formability and efficient recycling rate. "Aluminum instead of steel" has become the general trend.

At present, with the development of aluminum alloy industrial technology, the strength and hardness of some grades of aluminum alloys have reached or exceeded the indicators of steel, and their weight is greatly reduced than that of steel. With the rapid development of my country's EA (new energy vehicles), aluminum alloys are the main force in the lightweight direction of automobiles, and the all-aluminum body has also become an important selling point.

The application of aluminum alloys in automobiles can bring many benefits, such as: higher efficiency, higher strength-to-weight ratio, and can meet the requirements of complex shapes. In today's era of increasingly severe fuel and environmental issues, aluminum alloys play an important role in boosting vehicle weight reduction and improving fuel efficiency, thereby helping to alleviate energy and environmental issues.

Typical alloys are: 5182, 5083, 6016, 6011, 6N12, 6014, 6181A, 6009, 6005A, 6061, 6082, etc.

Product features: good molding performance, obvious paint hardening effect.

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