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1000-7000 Series Extruded & Cold Drawn Seamless Aluminum Tube

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We provide 1000-7000 series seamless aluminum tubes. Besides extruded seamless aluminum tube, we can also produce cold drawn precision and cold rolled seamless aluminum tube. Both round and oval shapes are available.

Aluminum Alloy 


Outer Diameter

Wall Thickness

Inner Diameter

6061  6063   6101B    6A02








5052  5083  5A05  5A06   5056 3A21  3003 


2A11  2A12   2024  2017


2014  2A14  2A70  2A50  2618  2618A  7A04 7075  7050  7068   7003  7005


Please note: other aluminum alloy, temper and sizes can also be customized if order quantity is large enough.

Different Processings of Seamless Aluminum Tube:

Applications of the seamless aluminum tube

· Aerospace: aircraft fuel lines, engine conduits and fluid transfer, etc.
· Automotive: cooling systems, hydraulic systems and fuel delivery systems, etc
· Outdoor equipment: fishing rods, tent poles, golf club, bicycle frame, etc.
· Oil tanker pipeline  
· Geophone sensor
. etc..


Advantages of Seamless Aluminum Tubing

● No welds, the first choice for pressure vessels
● More uniform anodized appearance, especially on heavier wall sections
● No welds that could split during forming operations
● Improved structural integrity

The Differences between Seamless Tube and Structural Tube (Welded Tube)

● Different tooling: the seamless extrusion tube is extruded over a mandrel utilizing a hollow billet and is the only tubular product recommended for pressure applications. The structural tube is extruded over a bridge or porthole die.
● Seamless extruded tube doesn't have any welding joint, but the structural tube has an indistinguishable weld seam.
● Compared to an extruded seamless tube, a structural tube is more able to use multi-hole dies for smaller diameter sizes to improve productivity and decrease costs.
● There’s a little difference in appearance. For seamless tubing, the seamless tube’s inner and outer walls are smooth and clean-burning or cracking on the surface; The appearance of the slit tube is generally smooth.

Seamless Aluminum Tube Vs Welded Aluminum Tube

Aluminum tubes are widely used in various industries due to their excellent properties such as light weight, non-toxicity, good thermal conductivity, and high corrosion resistance. Obviously, the production of the aluminum tubes involves several processes to fabricate them into the required shape and size. Additionally, there are two types of aluminum tubes available: seamless and welded. In this article, we will delve into the differences between seamless and welded aluminum tubes in detail.

Seamless Aluminum Tubes

Seamless aluminum tubes are those that do not have any welded joints. They are manufactured from a single piece of aluminum extrusion that is heated and then pushed through a die to shape the tube. This process ensures that the tubes have a smooth finish without any visible seams. Given that seamless tubes have fewer seams, they provide a high level of pressure resistance, making them suitable for applications where high-pressure fluid or gas transfer is needed. The absence of joints or seams also ensures that seamless tubes are leak-proof and more durable.
Seamless tubes can also be fabricated in a range of shapes including round, rectangular, square, and custom profiles. They are used in various applications such as piping, hydraulic cylinders, precision components, and heat exchangers due to their superior finish, strength, and resistance to corrosion.
In terms of cost, seamless aluminum tubes are generally more expensive than welded tubes as they require complex manufacturing processes, which involve heating, extrusion, and drawing.

Welded Aluminum Tubes

Welded aluminum tubes are those that are fabricated by joining two or more aluminum pieces or extrusions using various welding techniques like TIG welding, MIG welding, or LASER welding. Since they are made from two or more pieces of aluminum that are welded together, welded tubes have visible seams or joints. Welded tubes are also available in various shapes such as round, square, and rectangular.
Welding is a cost-effective manufacturing process, making welded aluminum tubes relatively cheaper than seamless tubes. However, the welding process tends to leave a slight blemish or roughness at the joints, which can lead to leaks or breaking under high pressure.
Welded aluminum tubes are used in applications such as fences, outdoor furniture, and automotive parts. They are ideal for applications where high strength and durability are required but not necessarily a high level of pressure resistance.

Comparison between Seamless and Welded Aluminum Tubes

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is the primary difference between seamless aluminum tubes and welded aluminum tubes. Seamless tubes are made from a single piece of extruded aluminum, while welded tubes are made by joining two or more aluminum pieces together using welding techniques.


Seamless aluminum tubes have better strength compared to welded tubes. The absence of welded joints provides higher pressure resistance, making seamless tubes suitable for applications under high-pressure conditions.

Leak Resistance

Seamless aluminum tubes are leak-proof due to the absence of any welded joints. Welded aluminum tubes, on the other hand, may develop leaks over time due to the slight roughness or blemishes at the welded seams.


Seamless aluminum tubes are generally more expensive than welded aluminum tubes. This is because seamless tubes require a more complex manufacturing process, which involves heating, extrusion, and drawing.

Shape and Size

Both tubes are available in various shapes and sizes, but seamless tubes are easier to fabricate into custom shapes due to the absence of welded joints.


Seamless and welded aluminum tubes have their own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Seamless tubes are stronger and have better pressure resistance and durability, while welded tubes are cheaper and suitable for applications that require high strength but not necessarily high-pressure resistance. Choosing between these two types of tubes largely depends on the specific application and the required properties.

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