Seamless Aluminum Tube

Wholesale Seamless Aluminum Tube 7075 6061 5052 3003 2024, etc.

The seamless aluminum tubes can be divided into three types according to the processing method, which are extruded seamless aluminum tube, cold drawn precision seamless aluminum tube, and cold rolled seamless aluminum tube.

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We are a manufacturer of aluminum tubes from China. We wholesale aluminum tubes at the MOQ of 300 KG.

Regular Sizes of Seamless Aluminum Tube are as follows:

(Other aluminum alloys and tempers are available if order quantity is large enough)

Aluminum Alloy 


Outer Diameter

Wall Thickness

Inner Diameter

6061  6063   6101B    6082   6A02








5052  5083  5A05  5A06   5056 
3A21  3003 


2A11  2A12   2024  2017


2014  2A14  2A70  2A50  2618  2618A  
7A04 7075  7050  7068   7003  7005


Capillary Seamless Aluminum Tube (2.5-25mm OD, 0.2-2.5mm Thickness) are also available.

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Advantages of Seamless Aluminum Tubing
No welds, the first choice for pressure vessels
More uniform anodized appearance, especially on heavier wall sections
No welds that could split during forming operations
Improved structural integrity

Applications of Seamless Tubing 
Seamless aluminum tubes are usually used for pressure vessels, hydraulic cylinders, compressed gas cylinders, drive shafts, lighting applications and bus conductors. 

The Differences between Seamless Tube and Structural Tube (Slit Tube)
● Different tooling: the seamless extrusion tube is extruded over a mandrel utilizing a hollow billet and is the only tubular product recommended for pressure applications. The structural tube is extruded over a bridge or porthole die.
● Seamless extruded tube doesn't have any welding joint, but the structural tube has an indistinguishable weld seam.
● Compared to an extruded seamless tube, a structural tube is more able to use multi-hole dies for smaller diameter sizes to improve productivity and decrease costs.
● There’s a little difference in appearance. For seamless tubing, the seamless tube’s inner and outer walls are smooth and clean-burning or cracking on the surface; The appearance of the slit tube is generally smooth.

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